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  • Top 3 Reasons Why your AC Freezes Up

    Wondering why AC freezes up constantly, on a regular basis, or it has never frozen and it has now it decided to “surprise” you, you should not worry. Specialists agree that there are some common causes that trigger these freeze patterns, so experiencing AC freezing is quite common. Obviously, if your AC is frozen, it is imperative to contact a technician for a consultation. One of[...]

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    Main Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

    Air conditioning is now used in almost all commercial properties, ranging from cafes and small shops to large public spaces and office buildings. In order to meet the diverse needs of various types of commercial units, specialists have designed several types of air conditioning systems. There are almost an infinite number of configurations, but the main types of commercial air conditioning [...]

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    What You Need To Know About R22 Refrigerant Phase Out

    For many years, homeowners have used R22 refrigerant in air conditioners. The problem with the old R22 refrigerant that is used in air conditioners is that they are neither environmentally friendly nor efficient. This has necessitated the shift to favorable refrigerants that are more efficient and leads to less emission of greenhouse gas. R22 is a gas that is used in systems like refrigeration [...]

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    Questions to Ask Before Replacing Your Air Conditioning Unit

    A new air conditioner is a big investment. As you consider your air conditioner replacement, here are some questions to ask before replacing your air conditioning unit to be sure you’re getting quality work, a qualified professional, and the right air conditioner unit for your home or business needs.  When considering air conditioner replacement, you don’t want to simply select [...]

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    3 Phase vs Single Phase AC Motors

    If you are wondering about the difference between 3 phase vs single phase AC motors, just remember this. Single phase AC motors usually operate on a single phase source of power while 3 phase AC motors operate on a three phase source of power. The single phase alternating current is the most common source of power used by most households and non industrial businesses. It is the power that is used [...]

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