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  • Smart Thermostat Benefits

    If you have been using a traditional programmable thermostat for years you may be wondering what the benefits of installing a smart thermostat are. Heating and cooling can account for up to half of your energy costs and a smart thermostat can save you money on utility bills by offering more automation and a greater control over your home’s temperature and climate. Furthermore, a smart [...]

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    Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance

    We cannot stress enough the importance of regular HVAC maintenance to keep your unit running efficiently, while also extending its lifespan. Having a unit that is regularly maintained can result in immediate benefits while others prevent future problems from developing. Some of those benefits are discussed below.A properly maintained HVAC system will save you money on utility bills because an[...]

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    Different Types of HVAC Systems

    There are four different types of HVAC systems: split system, hybrid heat split system, ductless split system and packaged systems. These four come in different specifications and sizes to suit your residential or commercial needs.A split HVAC system is the most common type of system found in homes. It includes components both inside and outside the home that work together to cool and [...]

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    Single Speed vs Variable Speed Motor

    When you are in the market for a new furnace motor you may be wondering what the advantages and disadvantages would be in choosing a single speed vs variable speed motor. A single speed furnace uses a PSC motor whereas a variable speed uses an ECM. To determine which one best fits your needs it is important to understand the main differences between them.Single speed furnaces have only one [...]

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    3 Signs Your Commercial AC Needs Service or Repair

    The high temps of the summer months and the lowering temps of the winter months can make keeping your business or commercial facility comfortably warm or cool a challenge. It goes without saying that you want your employees and clientele to feel as comfortable as possible while inside your facility. These three tips can help you run your business more efficiently by alerting you to the need for [...]

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