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  • How To Choose Central Air Conditioner For Your Los Angeles Home

  • Air Conditioner Types

    In the near future weather forecasters promise significantly warmer climate. A worthy alternative to conventional fan - is the air conditioner, but it is important to choose central air conditioner of the right type and size to fit your home cooling needs. Our educational article will help you to do just that.
    There are different types of air conditioners on the market. Choose air conditioner that suites your family's needs:

  • Window / Wall Air Conditioner

    These air coolers are mounted in the window opening or a thin wall. This type of Air Conditioners varies from 1.5 to 6 kW, and is sufficient to cool the room up to 270 sq. ft. There are the single type (cold only) and universal (cold, heat). Current models of window air conditioners come with a remote control for easy control from a distance.

    • easy to install (no need for special tools, you can install yourself)
    • reliability 
    • low cost
    • loud operation - night work will disturb your sleep
    • when installed in a window blocks outside lighting
  • Portable


    • does not require installation, because of this they are not tied to a particular room
    • mobility


    • condensate needs to be manually drained from the chamber
    • noise
    • more expensive
    • seal is lost due to opened door or window, and the cooling effect is worse than window air conditioners or split systems.