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  • Furnace Maintenance - How To Prepare Your Furnace For Winter


    Now that the temperatures are starting to drop it is a great time to think about preparing your furnace for the winter season. Doing maintenance on your furnace will prepare it for the cooler temperatures and keep it running smoothly through the winter. If you are cautious and properly maintain your furnace you can save on electricity and extend the life of your system. Regular maintenance can help solve any issues before the colder season begins. The following are steps you can take to prepare your furnace for winter.

  • DIY Maintenance

    1. Change the air filters. It is good practice to change your air filters regularly, unless you have one that is washable and can reuse it. Clean filters keep particles out of your HVAC system prolonging its lifespan and increases efficiency. If you have a flat filter considering upgrading to a pleated or a HEPA filter.
    1. Clean your air vents and ducts. You can use your vacuums extension to remove dust and lint build up.
    2. Make sure to inspect the exhaust flue, the pipe that carries the exhaust gases to the outdoors. It should be free of any obstructions such as debris, branches or even animal nests.
    3. Keep the area around your furnace unit free of debris and clutter to keep the airflow free from obstruction.
    4. Check the flame’s appearance. The flame should be blue and not yellow or orange and shouldn’t be unsteady. If the pilot light is not blue and flickering contact a professional to inspect the furnace immediately.
    5. Update your thermostat. Consider changing your thermostat to a programmable one. Older thermostats that use mercury can be highly inaccurate and may lead to unnecessary energy usage. A programmable or smart thermostat will allow you to set a schedule for your heater to turn on only when you truly need it.

    It's good practice to have a professional tune up and inspect your furnace annually before its operating season. A professional will give the system a thorough inspection and make sure it is operating properly. The inspection will make you aware of any potential minor repairs needed and prevent a more serious costly repair.

  • Professional Furnace Maintenance

    Although the above are easy steps you can take on your own, you should hire a professional yearly to inspect your furnace and provide a tune up. A professional is trained and has more information on how to prepare your furnace for the winter months. A professional furnace tune-up should include proper operation of the blower, burner assembly, heat exchanger, gas pressure and flame, the ignition system and that there is adequate airflow for proper performance. It is also a good idea to have them inspect and replace the filter and make any recommendations for any other repairs that may be needed or any wear and tear you can look out for.

    The furnace is one of the most vital components of your HVAC system. Without proper maintenance the lifespan of your heating system will decrease. Take the time to properly take care of it to keep you warm throughout the winter. Furthermore, a regularly maintained system is the best way to help you save time and money and keep your system operating efficiently.