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  • A properly maintained HVAC system is the key to optimum operating efficiency. For both commercial and residential users, it translates into optimum comfort and healthier air quality. For the business owners, there are the additional benefits of higher productivity from your workers and more comfortable customers.

    And, there's more!

    • Well-maintained HVAC systems are more efficient. They require considerably less energy to operate.
    • Routine maintenance extends the life time of your HVAC unit and components.
    • Regular HVAC maintenance provides the opportunity to spot and remedy problems before they can impact your business.
    • A Diagnostic Checkup of the HVAC System, including the thermostat.
    • Inspection of Ductwork to locate and repair any leaks.
    • Inspection and Maintenance of all components, including:

      - Cleaning condenser coil
      - Blower Inspection
      - Clean Condensate Drain line
      - Electrical Components Checked
      - Lubrication of moving parts
      - Refrigerant level checked
  • There are a few DIY maintenance tasks that can be done by the home owner between the routine maintenance calls.

    • Check and replace filters
    • Check all vents to be sure they are not blocked
    • Keep the areas surrounding the units clean and clear

    Maintenance of Residential A/C Units depends on the type of system that's in place. Our professionals are experienced in the maintenance of all types, including:

    • Split Systems - Duct work with interior and exterior units
    • Ductless Split Systems - Indoor and outdoor units but no duct work
    • Packaged AC Units - Outside units


    • Inspection and Maintenance: Same checklist as for Commercial HVAC Systems
    • A Comprehensive Safety Check


    * CAUTION: Heating system maintenance is NOT a DIY project. Other than changing the filters, proper professional training is strongly recommended to ensure safe operation of the unit.

    What To Expect During A Heating Maintenance Call

    - A Filter Change
    - Fan Controls and Airflow will be checked
    - Lubrication of all moving parts
    - Burners Inspected
    - Electrical Connections Inspected
    - Belts Adjusted or Replaced
    - Amp-draw Test
    - Inspection of Condensate Drain
    - Inspection of Heat Exchanger for cracks or rust
    - Comprehensive Safety Inspection

    An Annual HVAC Maintenance Call Is Recommended

    Scheduling an annual inspection, cleaning and comprehensive safety check of your entire HVAC system will help to ensure optimum efficiency throughout the cooling and heating seasons.


    Contact us immediately if you detect or suspect a leak in your fuel line or you notice any loose or worn connections. Your safety is our first priority!