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  • Air Quality

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    Poor air quality can cause more than slight discomfort - much more! It can be responsible for ongoing and serious health symptoms such as:

    • Chronic headaches
    • Lethargy
    • Fatigue
    • Sore, itchy or burning eyes
    • Burning nose
    • Allergy symptoms that get worse
    • Asthma attacks
    • Flu-like illness

     The list gets even worse. Poor air quality can also be the cause of:

    • Cancer
    • Respiratory illnesses
    • COPD

    And, the worst possible affect? DEATH from concentrated levels of some pollutants, including carbon monoxide!

    Common Causes Of Poor Air Quality

    Smoking is frequently blamed for fouling the air but even smoke-free environments have pollutants that put our health at risk.

    • Indoor pets (as much as we love Fido and Boots)
    • Pollen (it doesn't stay outside)
    • Dust mites
    • Chemicals like Radon
    • Non-green cleaning products
    • Lead, Formaldehyde and Asbestos can be in the materials that were used in the building of your home or work place.
    • Poor Air Flow
    • Mildew and Mold caused by humidity
    • The combination of high humidity and high temperatures
    • Poor ventilation of heating equipment
  • The Duct work in your home can be extensive and even more so in your place of employment. It's the perfect breeding place for all sorts of bacteria, pollutants, micro-allergens and other health hazards.

    Ducting Replacement is the only sure way to get rid of all of the irritating particles that are lurking inside. It's also the best way to make sure that the Duct system is in optimum condition and properly sealed to keep pollutants out. Start off with a clean slate with new, clean ducts.

  • Air cleaners greatly improve the air quality by taking pollutants out of the air. Electronic Air Cleaners can be added to your HVAC system to trap the smallest of particles.

    They have advanced features. There are carbon filters to remove gas particles. Ultraviolet light is used for disinfecting the air. Breath better air with modern technology.

  • Select a humidifier to keep the humidity at a comfortable level.

    Controlling the indoor humidity can prevent damage from static electricity. It can also prevent shrinking floor boards and keep wallpaper from peeling off the walls.

    With the right humidifier, it will take less energy to stay in your comfort zone. That means energy savings!
    Contact us now to discuss all of your air quality concerns and needs. We're here to help you breathe easier!