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  • Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

    Keep your workers and clients in the comfort zone with our team of professional,  trained, EPA Certified, fully insured and experienced air conditioning repair technicians. We're available to handle everything from slightly inefficient cooling to complete meltdowns.  Give us a call at (818) 341-3406 or contact us online to schedule. 

  • All Repairs Start with a HVAC System Evaluation

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    Our EPA certified, NCI trained professionals provide a complete diagnostic check-up of your ac system. We are highly experienced at accurately determining what needs to be done. There could be a refrigerant leak, a clogged or sluggish drain line, a faulty thermostat or disconnected ductwork. Or, your commercial ac unit motor, compressor or contactor might have to be replaced.

    Whatever your commercial air conditioner repair needs are, our courteous, uniformed technicians will go over your repair options in detail. Repairs can often be made at the time of the initial service call because our trucks are always well stocked with parts.

  • Call At The First Sign Of Air Conditioner Problems

    The best way to prevent a meltdown is to call for repairs at the first indication that there's an issue with your commercial air conditioning system. Some signs are extremely obvious and should prompt you to call us immediately.

    Loud rumbling or banging noises are great for scary movies but they should not be coming form your commercial ac unit.. not ever. It's also not normal to experience warm spots within any air-conditioned areas of your facility.

  • Some early signs of impending commercial ac trouble are much less obvious. Look for these telltale symptoms:

    • Unexplained higher energy consumption without any increased demand for cooling. If your energy costs are going up each month and there's no clear reason for it, your cooling system is probably the culprit.
    • Slight variations in room temperatures can signal trouble with the ac distribution. It can be difficult to notice small changes from one room to another or within different parts of the same room. Pay attention to the readings on the room thermostats for an early clue that your unit isn't running at peak efficiency.
  • Procrastination Is Costly

    When your commercial ac unit is in need of repair, it isn't going to fix itself. Ignoring any signs of inefficient ac operation won't make the problem go away. The symptoms will get worse over time. Putting off calling for professional help usually results in more extensive or complicated repairs; that means higher repair costs.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Commercial Air Conditioner Repair and Keep Your Unit At Peak Efficiency

    Our technicians maintain Los Angeles commercial ac systems to keep them running at peak efficiency. Preventive maintenance is the key to sustaining optimum air quality, conserving energy and staying in the comfort zone.

    At LA Construction Heating and Air Conditioning, no commercial ac job is too small and no call for help ever comes too early. Right now is the perfect time to contact us with your need for commercial air conditioner repair in Los Angeles.