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  • DIY Furnace Repair Sherman Oaks Tips Try These Before Calling A Heating Contractor

    furnace repair sherman oaks

    Residents of Sherman Oaks California know that this is a great place to call home at every season of the year. Sherman Oaks has excellent shopping and restaurants, great schools, and it is considered a very safe place to live. Money Magazine listed it as one of the top places to live in the country in the year 2005.

    Although Sherman Oaks is blessed with very warm weather for much of the year, temperatures often start to dip to an uncomfortable range once November arrives. At such times, it is wonderful to be able to rely on a central heating system to keep every room in the home at a comfortable temperature. Few people call on heating repair Sherman Oaks technicians in the summer to do heating repair.

    If there is a problem with the furnace during the cooler months, it will cause a lot of discomfort for everyone in the house until furnace repair professionals arrive to fix the problem. Heating repair is a matter that must be left to highly trained furnace repair experts.
    However, there are some simple maintenance tasks that can be done by the homeowner to see if the central heating system is working properly without requiring the assistance of furnace repair experts. Furnace repair Sherman Oaks specialists say that 25% of their calls could be eliminated if homeowners performed some simple checks of the thermostat and furnace. It is better to check the system during the summer months. If any problems are detected, furnace repair technicians are more likely to be available in summer.

    Tips to Try Before You Call Heating Repair Sherman Oaks Experts:
    Be sure the switch is set on "heat" and not on "cool". Check that the breaker that controls the switch is in the "on" position. Check to see that the thermostat starts the furnace by moving the dial to activate the furnace. Set the thermostat to a temperature that is five degrees warmer than the air in the room and see if the furnace turns on. Check that the thermostat display is showing the correct temperature, date, and time. Do a visual inspection of all wires and connectors to be sure that there are no electrical connections that have become loose. Check to see that the chimney and vent system have no obstructions or rusted areas. Check to be sure the gas is turned on. Replace furnace filters before the colder weather begins. Call furnace repair Sherman Oaks if you encounter a problem you are not able to solve.In order to avoid experiencing any problems with your central heating, why not call in LA Construction, Heating and Air - your furnace repair Sherman Oaks professionals now to check your furnace before the cool season starts. You can then face the months between November and March knowing that all your furnace maintenance has been taken care of and you will have no problems with your furnace in the cooler days ahead.