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  • Los Angeles Based Air Conditioning Heating Company Now Offers Indoor Air Quality Solutions

    Jul. 1, 2013 - LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- One of the most important things nowadays with the excessive amounts of pollution, as well as increased knowledge about bacteria and contaminants is to ensure that your indoor air quality is exceptional. This prevents diseases from spreading, keeping your family safer and healthier. In the Los Angeles area it is often difficult to maintain great quality air due to the dust, pollutants, and other factors, which is why LA Construction Air Conditioning and Heating company has announced that it will now start offering air quality products for homes including indoor air filtration systems, air cleaners, and whole house humidifiers that give you better breathable air.

    Why Do Humidifiers Give Better Air Quality?
    Humidifiers are one of the major systems that LA Construction is offering as part of their indoor air quality campaign, but what do humidifiers have to do with air quality. Well, for starters the cool Los Angeles air is felt more in the dry conditions. The drier the air in your home, the colder you feel, and so you will subsequently switch up your furnace, using more heat, and requiring more frequent furnace repair Los Angeles. Dry air is also renowned for giving you skin and hair problems. Additionally, the dry air causes windows and door frames to shrink, therefore letting in more cold air as well. So, aside from your health and your body's condition, humidifiers also protect your home.

    Air Filtration Units
    LA Construction, Air Conditioning and Heating company offers a variety of air filtration and cleaning units that will ensure top quality, breathable air in your home. This is vital for people with cancers or other diseases that require sanitized air in their homes, but also prevents diseases and illnesses from spreading. What happens when your home is sealed up tight, is that any bacteria and germs stay inside and merely circulate around the home, infecting your entire family. With specialized air filter panels that fit over your air conditioning units, any air that circulates is effectively cleaned. At the same time, the air conditioning units are protected from dust and dirt, allowing them to last for much longer and require less air con and heating repair Los Angeles.
    To learn more about the variety of indoor air quality products that LA Construction offers, homeowners can visit them at

    About LA Construction Heating and Air
    LA Construction Air and Heating is a family owned air conditioning heating company, based in Reseda, California. We provide various top quality services in the HVAC industry including the supply and installation of state-of-the-art air conditioners, humidifiers, air cleaners, and heaters and much more.