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  • The Importance Of Expert Air Conditioning Installation: Return Air Vent Location

    Return Air Vent

    Air conditioning in Los Angeles' warm weather is a must-have -- but it must also be done right.

    Having the correct air conditioning installation will make the difference between a perfectly working system that keeps a home or business cool, or something that will create a host of problems. A poorly installed system can be prone to costly breakdowns that can be avoided.

    Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are in widespread use, and to understand the importance of a properly installed system it is helpful to know some basics about how the units work. The air conditioning unit cools the air in a building and then pumps it through vents in each room, helping bring down the temperature and making a place comfortable.

    But that cool air doesn't last forever and so eventually it's taken back into the HVAC system through what's known as a return air vent. As the air passes through this vent it goes through a filter, which helps to trap potentially harmful toxons and other pollutants from the air. This clean air is then cooled again thanks to the system, and can once again be used to bring down temperatures.

    What seems like a straightforward system is, however, a highly technical process and the slightest problem with installation could prevent adequate filtering or cooling. In the worst case scenario, a bad installation could even mean the filters don't work and the dangerous pollutants aren't trapped.

  • Return Air Vent Installation Options

    There are two options for installing an air conditioning system: Either have one central return vent per floor that takes in all of the air, or have return vents located in each room of a floor.

    It's much more preferable to have a vent in each room as this means the air will be all be recycled evenly rather than having some rooms pumping out more cold air than what they can take back in because they're so far from the central vent. The goal with a HVAC system is to achieve neutral pressure, which is the system producing equal air flow with the supply of cold air to the rooms and the return of the cooled air to the vents. Having multiple return vents throughout a floor also makes for a more efficient flow of air, ensuring the entire floor is properly cooled.

    Installing a working system of multiple vents is a complicated tasks. That means it's crucial to get a professional to install the unit and make sure that there aren't any parts of the process that are either not correctly cooling air, or are not energy efficient and could potentially drive up utility bills.

    Expert installation also will guarantee that the system is easily accessible for routine maintenance and repairs, including cleaning filters and making sure everything's working properly.

    For reliable service, Choose LA Construction Heating & Air to deliver a perfect installation of your air conditioning system, whatever the size and budget of the project. We have more than 15 years' experience in the industry and our team is fully certified with the California Department of Consumer Affairs' Contractors State License Board.

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