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  • Tips To Get Your HVAC Ready For Spring

    Tips To Get Your HVAC Ready For Spring

    Many homeowners may not be putting much thought into their HVAC system this time of year. However, now is the ideal time to get your HVAC system ready for the warmer months that follow. If you start preparing now it can help you save time and money and possibly future headaches if your system is to breakdown in the middle of summer. Follow our tips to get your HVAC ready for spring.

  • Inspect Your AC Unit

    The easiest step you can take is turn the system on to make sure it is working properly especially the air conditioning as we move into warmer months. You would not want to find out on a day that is especially hot that your air conditioning is not working. Furthermore, it is a good idea to have the ac unit itself professionally inspected. There could be issues such as undetected leaks that could turn a major cost if not addressed promptly. A professional air conditioning tune-up can increase energy efficiency and therefore lower your utility bills. Keeping your system on a regular maintenance schedules guarantees greater efficiency, reliability and improved indoor air quality.

  • Clean Around the AC Unit

    It is also important to keep your HVAC system clean especially the area around the condenser. Since it is kept outside, it most likely has debris, trash and foliage around the ac unit itself. Make sure to keep a 2-foot clearance around the entire unit to help ensure it runs properly. The key is to keep the air flowing around your HVAC system.

  • Replace Your Filters

    A good rule of thumb is to replace your filters every three months. Filters lose their efficiency over time with regular usage. Every time a new filter is installed you are protecting your home from indoor pollutants and contaminants and keeping your HVAC system clean. Consider signing up for a maintenance plan to save you the hassle of trying to remember when it is time for maintenance.

  • Inspect Your Ductwork, Vents and Registers

    Do a test run of your ductwork to see if there any issues that need to be addressed promptly. Especially if there are any leaky air ducts that can negatively affect your indoor air quality. Clean the vents and registers from dust, pet dander and other buildup. These simple steps can improve the overall efficiency of the system and indoor air quality.

  • Install A Programmable Thermostat

    If you do not already have a programmable thermostat, consider upgrading to one. You will be able to program it for different times of the day, so your home is always at a comfortable level. A programmable thermostat allows you to have full control of the temperature and will also help lower your monthly bills. There are also smart thermostat options that can increase your energy savings further. Smart thermostats can learn your unique schedule and can even offer energy tips and reports. Most also allow users to control the thermostat even when you are away from home by using your mobile phone or computer.


    Give us a call today at (818) 341-3406 or contact us online to find out how we can help you get your HVAC ready for spring or to sign up for a maintenance plan. Protect your family and your home by implementing these simple tips now.