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  • How Do Air Conditioning Systems Work?

    Your air conditioner is a valued part of your HVAC system. It keeps your home or business cool during the hot summer months. Did you know that in order to make the space cooler it is more about removing the existing hot air, than making it colder? The main principles of how your air conditioner works are about evaporation and condensation. It is a repeated cycle of compression and expansion. If [...]

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    Packaged Unit vs Split HVAC System

    You have many different options for heating and cooling your home. Many people are familiar with a central HVAC system, but may not know it could be packaged into one or split into two. Which is best for your home depends on your heating and cooling needs, and your budget. Below we describe packaged unit vs split HVAC system.A packaged unit holds all the components of the air conditioning [...]

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    Gas Furnace vs Heat Pump

    There are several different ways to heat a home in southern California. In this article we will discuss two of the most popular options gas furnaces or heat pumps. We understand that trying to figure out what type of heating system is best for your home can be a difficult decision. One of the biggest determining factors depends on where you live. Heat pumps will be the more efficient in areas of [...]

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    Repair Or Replace Your Furnace

    Furnaces do not last forever, but how can you tell if you should repair or replace your furnace? If your existing furnace has been suffering from frequent breakdowns or costly repairs, it might be time to replace. A new furnace will be a lot more efficient and therefore reduce your heating bills. Take into consideration the age of the furnace and the cost of repairs when deciding if to repair or [...]

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    How To Choose The Best Filter For Your HVAC System

    With the large selection of filters that are available for your HVAC system, you might feel a bit unsure of which one is best for your home. Filters are a major component of the system that help improve indoor air quality. They also provide the best defense against damage to the HVAC system. They remove or capture dust, dirt, pollen, and some allergens and bacteria from your home’s indoor [...]

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