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  • The Importance of A Properly-Installed HVAC Unit

     If you’re a home owner or building manager who is concerned about your energy bill, and are considering getting a new HVAC unit installed, what this article reveals can save you up to 30 percent on your energy bill. Over the years, and depending on the climate of your local area, that can amount to thousands of dollars in savings.

    The goal of this article is to show you how a properly-installed HVAC unit can result in significant savings in energy, as well as optimal efficiency. Even a newer unit that utilizes state-of-the-art efficiency can further save you in energy costs if it's optimally installed.

  • The Difference Installation Makes, Even With New, Energy-Efficient Units

    Interestingly enough, how much you save, and how satisfied you are with your HVAC unit is not totally dependent on the unit itself. Hypothetically, you can have two identical houses, each having a different HVAC expert install the same unit, with dramatically different results in savings and satisfaction.

    Why would one house, which is identical to the other and has an identical HVAC, have a much lower energy bill and higher efficiency? That would be because the unit in one house was better installed than the one placed in the other house.

    In fact, according to Energy Star, even a cutting-edge, energy-efficient unit that’s improperly installed can reduce efficiency by upwards of 30 percent. That directly translates to a much higher energy bill, as well as significantly larger maintenance costs over the long term.

  • How You Can Be Sure Your New HVAC Unit Will Be Properly Installed

    First, be a knowledgeable consumer. An HVAC unit should be an investment in convenience, not an expense. Be sure to ask other home owners and building managers if they've noticed significant energy savings, and ask who installed their unit.

    Second, verify whether your prospective HVAC expert has the proper credentials and certifications, as well as any certificates of recognition or outstanding performance.

    Third, be sure to talk to an HVAC expert who understands the difference that a well-installed unit can make, and who seems knowledgeable about the topic of installation. Simply reading this article will give you a solid understanding to begin having a conversation with your prospective contractor.

    Before you hire an HVAC expert, be sure that their contract covers everything needed for your satisfaction. This is not necessarily exclusive to the installation process, but may also cover work down around your home.

  • Here are five things an HVAC expert should be able to offer you:

    1. Your contractor can tell you about Manual J and Manual D. Manual J is a process the contractor uses to determine which unit is best suited for your home. It consists of measuring the energy loss and energy gain of each room in your home.

    Manual D has more to do with the design of your duct system, and relies on the Manual J results to find the optimal design for your ducting.

    2. The option of a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat will either be pre-built into the unit, or can be installed by a capable contractor. This makes the control of your unit more convenient, as you can pre-program the start and stop conditions of your unit.

    3. They can advise you as to why blocking of vents interferes with air flow, which causes HVAC units to unnecessarily work harder, reducing efficiency and increasing costs.

    4. They’ll advise you on importance of sealing your heating and cooling ducts. An HVAC system works best in a closed environment. If your unit is trying to cool (or heat) your home, and there are improper seals in your ducts that leak air, your unit’s efficiency is compromised.

    5. They can give you maintenance tips that will help your unit last long and help save on your energy bill. For example, regular preventive maintenance and lowering your thermostat every time your family leaves, especially for long periods of time, as doing so will ensure that your unit doesn’t run unnecessarily.

  • In conclusion, an energy-efficient HVAC unit will very likely save you a lot on your energy bill, especially if you’re replacing an old, expensive unit. You’ll notice this both immediately, and over time. However, you can save even more by ensuring that your new unit is also installed for optimal energy efficiency and minimal ongoing maintenance costs.

    Be sure to contact us and to speak to one of our HVAC expert Comfort Advisers who understand installation. Your home, energy bill, and new unit will thank you.